Best Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike: Aostirmotor S07-B 48V/13AH 750W

Best Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike: Aostirmotor S07-B 48V/13AH 750W

The Aostirmotor S07-B 48V/13AH 750W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike (Model: 160452) is a powerful and versatile electric bike designed for off-road adventures and urban commuting. With its fat tires and robust motor, it offers enhanced stability and traction on various terrains. Explore rugged terrains with ease on the top-rated and best Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike. Experience the thrill of off-road adventures with its powerful motor and wide fat tires.

Find the perfect companion for your outdoor escapades and discover the joy of electric mountain biking today.

Here are some key features of this model:

  1. Powerful Motor: The Aostirmotor S07-B is equipped with a 750W motor, providing ample power for both off-road trails and city streets. It delivers quick acceleration and allows for a maximum speed of up to 28 mph (45 km/h).
  2. Large Battery Capacity: The bike features a 48V/13AH lithium-ion battery, which offers a decent range per charge. The exact range may vary depending on factors such as terrain, rider weight, and riding conditions.
  3. Fat Tires: The fat tires of the Aostirmotor S07-B provide excellent grip and stability on uneven surfaces, such as sand, snow, or gravel. They also absorb shocks and provide a comfortable riding experience.
  4. Adjustable Suspension: The bike is equipped with front fork suspension, which helps to smooth out bumps and vibrations while riding on rough terrains. The suspension can be adjusted to suit your preferred level of comfort.
  5. Shimano Gears: The Aostirmotor S07-B comes with a Shimano 7-speed gear system, allowing you to easily switch between different gears and adapt to various riding conditions. This ensures smooth and efficient pedaling.
  6. LCD Display: The bike features an LCD display that provides information such as battery level, speed, distance traveled, and pedal-assist level. This allows you to keep track of your ride and manage your battery usage effectively.
  7. Disc Brakes: The Aostirmotor S07-B is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, ensuring reliable and responsive braking performance for enhanced safety.
  8. LED Headlight: The bike comes with a built-in LED headlight, providing visibility and safety during low-light conditions or night rides.

The Aostirmotor S07-B 48V/13AH 750W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike (Model: 160452) offers a powerful and capable ride, suitable for off-road adventures and daily commuting. Its features, including the powerful motor, fat tires, adjustable suspension, and Shimano gears, make it a versatile choice for riders looking for both performance and comfort.

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Certainly! Here’s the information in a tabular form for easier readability:

ModelAostirmotor S07-B 48V/13AH 750W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike (160452)
Battery Capacity48V/13AH
Maximum SpeedUp to 28 mph (45 km/h)
Tire TypeFat Tires
SuspensionFront fork suspension (adjustable)
Gear SystemShimano 7-speed
LCD DisplayBattery level, speed, distance, pedal-assist level
BrakesFront and rear disc brakes

The Aostirmotor S07-B 48V/13AH 750W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike (Model: 160452) offers a powerful motor, large battery capacity, fat tires for stability, adjustable suspension, Shimano gears, an LCD display, reliable disc brakes, and an LED headlight. It combines performance, comfort, and safety for a versatile and enjoyable riding experience.

Enhance Your Daily Commutes with the Excitement of a Compact Electric Bike! – Which finds this is best fat tire electric mountain bike

Experience thrilling adventures with the AOSTIRMOTOR Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike, now designed to accompany you on all your journeys! This mountain electric bike boasts a 48V, 13Ah lithium battery, delivering top-of-the-line performance for an exhilarating eBike experience. Equipped with a powerful 750W motor and a removable fast-charging battery (requiring only 4-6 hours for a full charge), you can enjoy up to 35 kilometers (or 21 miles) of riding per charge.

Ideal for Daily Use The Aostirmotor S07-B Electric Mountain Bike offers both a throttle and pedal assist feature, allowing you to effortlessly maintain speed or conserve battery power. With an impressive range of 15.5 to 21.7 miles (25 to 35 kilometers) on a single charge, this bike is the perfect companion for your daily commute, ensuring you won’t run out of charge halfway through your journey.

Equipped with Cutting-Edge Electronics Experience unparalleled comfort and control on any terrain with the AOSTIRMOTOR S07-B Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike. Featuring front and rear disc brakes, as well as extra-wide 20″ x 4.0″ fat tires, its aluminum frame is built to withstand any adventure that awaits you. Additionally, the bike comes with an LCD display at no extra cost, providing easy-to-read information on your current speed, distance traveled, and battery level, keeping you informed throughout your ride.

Embark on a daily commute filled with excitement and convenience, thanks to the AOSTIRMOTOR S07-B Electric Mountain Bike. Its compact design, powerful motor, and advanced features make it the perfect choice for both exhilarating rides and reliable daily transportation.


Battery48V 13Ah lithium battery
Motor750W Motor    (Brand: TRUCK, Refer to Bafang Quality)
Controller48V 22A
Power sensorPAS intelligent pedal assistant system
Charge Time4-6 hours   (Recharge regularly to extend the life of battery)
Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
Rear RackWith
BrakeF/R Mechanical Brake (With 4pcs Brake Pads)
Disc BrakeFront 180 & Rear 160
Brake leverUniversal
Rim formSpoke wheel
Rim MaterialAluminum alloy
Tire26×4.0 inch Fat Tire
Gear Shift Lever7 Speed Dial SHIMANO/Sunrace
Derailleur7 Speed SHIMANO/Sunrace
Front suspensionFork shock absorption
Rear suspensionNO
Structure shock absorptionLightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame
SaddleCity type
AL6061 T4T6
Tube ClampD1=30mm  D2=38mm
LightWith Front light
Riding modePedal Mode / Boost Mode / Power Mode
Range Distance25-35 km (Pure Power mode)
Max Speed45 km/h
ColorBlack / Camouflage / White
Net Weight33kg
Gross Weight38kg
Product Size192*112cm
Package Size158*28*85cm
Saddle Height88-100cm
Weight Capacity300 LB

1. Customer Review: Ray Baxter

I am extremely pleased with the AOSTIRMOTOR S07-B Electric Mountain Bike. Previously, I owned a similar bike from a different manufacturer, but it had numerous issues right from the start. I constantly had to tinker with the wiring harness to make things work. However, with my new AOSTIRMOTOR bike, I have experienced absolutely no problems whatsoever. It has been a reliable and hassle-free ride.

I love exploring various areas along the river, and this bike has been fantastic for my adventures. It offers impressive speed and is surprisingly lightweight. The combination of these features makes it a joy to cruise around, both uphill and downhill. I am thoroughly satisfied with its performance.

The AOSTIRMOTOR S07-B Electric Mountain Bike has surpassed my expectations, providing me with a trouble-free riding experience. It is fast, reliable, and remarkably lightweight. I highly recommend this bike to anyone seeking a reliable and enjoyable electric mountain biking experience.

2. Customer Review: Michael Tichvon

I am thoroughly impressed with the AOSTIRMOTOR S07-B Electric Mountain Bike. The bike rides smoothly and offers great comfort during my rides. However, I found the assembly instructions and operating instructions to be somewhat vague and lacking in detail. Despite this, I still believe that this bike is an excellent choice, especially considering its affordable price. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

3. Customer Review: Susan Bryant

I absolutely love this bike! It has brought so much joy and fun into my life. Riding the AOSTIRMOTOR S07-B Electric Mountain Bike is a thrilling experience.

4. Customer Review: Brian Korb

I recently purchased the Aostirmotor S07-B 48V/13Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. As someone who requires a reliable transportation tool for inspecting vacant land, often in remote areas with poor roads or no roads at all, this bike has been a game-changer for me.

In the past, I would spend hours walking long distances during inspections, but now, with this rugged and powerful electric bike, I can quickly navigate off the beaten path and get my job done efficiently. On my very first day on the job, I effortlessly rode across a half-mile frozen plowed cornfield in just a few minutes. The time and energy I have saved with this bike have been remarkable.

Not only has this electric bike proven to be a valuable work tool, but it has also paid for itself within the first couple of weeks of use. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The customer service I received was outstanding, and I was impressed by the high-quality packaging and the prompt shipping. The company kept me informed throughout the delivery process, making tracking the shipment easy and convenient.

The Aostirmotor S07-B 48V/13Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike has been a great investment for me. It combines durability, power, and convenience, making it an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable electric bike. I highly recommend both the bike and the company behind it.

  1. Fat Tire Electric Bike 2000W: A fat tire electric bike with a 2000W motor is a high-powered option capable of delivering strong acceleration and faster speeds. It’s suitable for adventurous riders who want to conquer challenging terrains and cover long distances with ease. Due to the higher power output, such bikes may be subject to different regulations depending on the region, so it’s important to check local laws and restrictions.
  2. Fat Tire Electric Bike 750 Watt: A fat tire electric bike with a 750W motor is a mid-powered option that strikes a balance between performance and compliance with various electric bike regulations. It’s a popular choice for riders who want ample assistance for off-road or urban riding without exceeding certain legal restrictions in many areas.
  3. Fat Tire Electric Bike 1000W: A fat tire electric bike with a 1000W motor is a powerful option, offering enhanced acceleration and performance compared to lower wattage models. It provides extra power for conquering hills and rough terrain, making it suitable for adventurous off-road enthusiasts.
  4. Best Fat Tire Bike: The “best” fat tire bike can vary depending on individual preferences and specific use cases. To determine the best option for you, consider factors such as motor power, battery range, tire size, suspension, build quality, and customer reviews. It’s important to find a fat tire bike that aligns with your riding style and intended terrain.
  5. Best Fat Tire Electric Bike 2023: As of my last update in September 2021, I don’t have information on specific products or models released in 2023. To find the best fat tire electric bike in 2023, I recommend researching recent reviews, checking out specialized biking websites, and visiting reputable online retailers for the latest offerings and customer feedback on fat tire electric bikes released in 2023.

  1. Fastest Fat Tire Electric Bike: This part refers to an electric bike equipped with fat tires that is designed for speed and high-performance. “Fastest” indicates that it has a powerful motor and other features that make it capable of achieving higher speeds compared to other fat tire electric bikes in the market.
  2. Unleash Thrilling Off-Road Adventures: This phrase highlights the bike’s capability to tackle exciting and adventurous off-road trails and terrains. It suggests that the bike is well-suited for riders who seek thrilling experiences in rugged and challenging environments.
  3. High-Powered Motor and Robust Fat Tires: The meta description emphasizes the bike’s essential features, such as its powerful motor and robust fat tires. A high-powered motor contributes to the bike’s speed and ability to handle rough terrains, while the fat tires provide stability and traction on uneven surfaces.
  4. Top Runner-Up Options for a Versatile Fat Bike Experience: This part implies that the content may also discuss other fat tire electric bikes that are considered “runner-up” options. A “runner-up” is a bike that is highly rated or regarded but might not have claimed the top spot in a specific comparison or evaluation. The focus remains on delivering a versatile and satisfying experience for riders interested in fat tire e-bikes.
  5. Embrace Convenience and Portability with Folding Fat Tire E-Bikes: The meta description introduces the concept of folding fat tire e-bikes, highlighting their convenience and portability. Folding e-bikes are practical choices for riders who need to store or transport their bikes in limited spaces or who want the option to easily fold and unfold the bike for different riding scenarios.
  6. Take Your Outdoor Adventures to the Next Level: This closing statement encourages readers to embrace the opportunities provided by these fat tire e-bikes and elevate their outdoor adventures. It suggests that with these electric bikes, riders can embark on exciting and enjoyable journeys in nature and beyond.

Is a fat tire eBike worth it?

Whether a fat tire eBike is worth it depends on your preferences and intended use. Fat tire eBikes offer several advantages, such as increased traction and stability on various terrains, including sand, snow, mud, and rocky trails. They are ideal for off-road adventures and exploring rugged terrains. Additionally, the electric motor provides pedal-assist, making it easier to cover longer distances or conquer steep hills with less effort. If you enjoy off-road riding and want the extra assistance provided by an eBike, a fat tire eBike can be a valuable investment.

Are fatter tires better for mountain biking?

Fatter tires are generally better for certain types of mountain biking, particularly when riding on loose or challenging terrains. Fat tires, typically ranging from 3.8 to 5 inches wide, offer increased traction and better floatation over soft surfaces like sand and snow. They provide a more comfortable and stable ride, absorbing shocks and vibrations on rocky or uneven trails. However, for more technical and narrow singletrack mountain biking, traditional mountain bike tires with narrower profiles might be more suitable as they offer better agility and maneuverability.

Can you use a fat tire bike for mountain biking?

Yes, you can use a fat tire bike for mountain biking, particularly in off-road conditions where the wide tires excel. Fat tire bikes are specifically designed to handle rough terrains, making them a great choice for all-terrain exploration, including mountain biking. They are excellent for trail riding, exploring forest paths, and conquering challenging landscapes where traditional bikes might struggle.

Are fat tire eBikes harder to ride?

Fat tire eBikes are generally not harder to ride, especially when it comes to the electric assist feature. The electric motor provides pedal-assist, which means it amplifies the rider’s pedaling effort, making it easier to ride and conquer challenging terrains. The fat tires contribute to a more stable and comfortable ride, enhancing traction and reducing the feeling of bumps and vibrations on rough surfaces. However, the wide tires might require some adjustment to handling, especially when riding on narrow trails or paved roads, as they might feel slower and less agile compared to traditional mountain bike tires. With a little practice and getting used to the bike’s handling characteristics, most riders find fat tire eBikes enjoyable and user-friendly.



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