Best 5 Dirt Bike Accessories for Less than $100

Best 5 Dirt Bike Accessories for Less than $100

The sensation of a brand-new dirt bike is unmatched. But generally, the first step is to purchase the bike.

Some additional accessories are typically needed to make a bike feel like it fits you and the type of riding you do.

We both know that riding dirt bikes is an expensive pastime. Therefore, we decided to highlight several items that cost $100 or less.

Because you don’t need to invest extra money to help you improve your bike.

Here are our top 5 recommendations.

Handlebars and Grips


Handlebars are an essential and easily adjustable accessory on a dirt bike. If you find your positioning on the bike uncomfortable or unnatural, switching out your handlebars can make a significant difference.

The choice of handlebar bend depends largely on rider preference. Each person may have their own preferred bend that feels most comfortable and suits their riding style.

If you haven’t determined your preferred bend yet, it’s worth trying out different options. You can test different bends on your friends’ bikes or seek recommendations from fellow riders who have found a comfortable option.

When searching for handlebars, it’s important to check the size chart provided in the product description. This will help you find the specific bend combination that suits your needs.

Dirt Pit Bike Grips Rubber Pro Taper Full Diamond Pattern Fit 7/8' Standard handbar Orange


When getting a new set of handlebars, it’s also a good idea to consider getting new grips. Grips come in various styles and compounds, and the choice ultimately depends on rider preference.

One highly recommended type of grip is the ODI Lock-On Grip set available at These grips come in a range of styles, compounds, and colorways, allowing riders to find the perfect match for their preferences.

The ODI Lock-On grips are known for their user-friendly installation process. They don’t require grip glue or safety wire. Instead, you can easily slide them onto the handlebars using a plastic sleeve and tighten them down with a small clamp.

These grips also feature a hard endcap, enhancing durability and reducing the risk of grip damage in case of accidents or impacts.

One-Piece Handlebar Clamp

Another valuable accessory to consider is the One-Piece Handlebar Mount from Ride Engineering. This mount is made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum, providing exceptional strength while maintaining a lightweight design.

The one-piece handlebar mount offers excellent torsional strength, minimizing the chances of handlebar twisting or tweaking during crashes or impacts.

It comes in options for both the standard 7/8″ bar diameter and the larger 1 1/8″ option for bigger bars. The mount includes cutouts that aid in aligning the handlebars during installation.

Moreover, the mount allows for 6mm of adjustment, enabling riders to find the most comfortable handlebar placement.

The One-Piece Handlebar Clamp is a valuable addition to any dirt bike, especially in race situations when there’s limited time to straighten out handlebars after a tip-over.


While new tires may not always be necessary, replacing them can greatly enhance performance and confidence on your bike. Choosing tires that are better suited for your preferred type of riding can make a significant difference.

Most retailers offer a wide selection of dirt bike tires catering to different types of riding, such as MX tracks, desert riding, singletrack mountain trails, and sandy terrains.

To optimize your riding experience and elevate your bike’s capabilities, consider selecting tires specifically designed for your preferred riding terrain.

Although it’s unlikely to find a front and rear tire combination under $100, you can start by replacing the tire that requires immediate attention.

Skid Plate

To protect your bike from potential damage caused by hazards or crashes, investing in a skid plate is highly recommended regardless of the type of riding you do.

Skid plates are available in various materials, including hard plastics and carbon fiber. These options provide adequate protection without adding excessive weight to the bike.

Plastic skid plates are often quieter than aluminum alternatives and do not compromise the flex or rigidity of the bike’s frame. They are generally easy to install and fit snugly onto the machine.

For more aggressive off-road riding or desert riding, where encounters with rocks or logs are common, a more rigid and heavy-duty skid plate might be a better choice. In these cases, aluminum skid plates offer enhanced protection.

With numerous options available, you can find a skid plate that fits your budget, aesthetic preferences, and riding style.


Solid and reliable foot pegs are essential for providing a sturdy foundation and increased confidence while riding. If your current foot pegs feel inadequate, upgrading to a good pair of footpegs is a must.

Footpegs are available in various styles and can offer benefits like oversize footprints or enhanced traction, depending on your preference and riding needs.

Installation is typically straightforward, and upgrading your footpegs can significantly improve comfort and confidence during rides.

The Tusk Billet Race Foot Pegs are highly recommended for their oversize footprint, interchangeable cleats, and affordable price point. They offer a solid, grippy feel that keeps you planted on the bike, no matter the intensity of the terrain or your riding style.


While the aforementioned accessories are our top recommendations, there are other noteworthy options to consider. Here are some popular runners-up:

  • Radiator Guards/Braces
  • Handguards
  • Hour Meter
  • Levers
  • Brake Disc Protection
  • Seat Cover
  • Air Filter

These accessories can further enhance your bike’s performance, protection, and overall riding experience.

In conclusion, all of these accessories can improve your bike’s performance and handling in various ways. Whether it’s enhancing comfort, protecting vital components, or optimizing traction, each accessory plays a significant role in enhancing your dirt biking experience. Consider your budget, aesthetic goals, and riding style when choosing the accessories that best suit your needs.



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